Generating the instructions

The first task will be to generate a more readable form of these setup instructions and of the instructions for the students.

To generate these mdBook is used. To install mdBook and other build requirements you have to follow these steps:

  1. Install requirements from the debian reposiory:
    $ sudo apt install git make cargo
  2. Install mdBook using cargo:
    $ cargo install mdbook
  3. Add cargo’s binary directory to your PATH:
    $ echo 'PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/.cargo/bin' >> ~/.bashrc`
  4. Open a new terminal and check if everything worked by running:
    $ mdbook

If none of the commands above threw any errors you should now be ready to download and compile the lab instructions using the following steps:

  1. Clone the repository:
    $ cd Downloads
    $ git clone ""
  2. Build the bootstrap instructions:
    $ cd nota-lab/bootstrap/
    $ make
  3. Build the lab instructions:
    $ cd ../instructions/
    $ make
  4. The generated instructions can be found in the bootstrap/book and instructions/book folders and can be viewed using a web browser:
    $ cd ../bootstrap/
    $ firefox book/index.html

You can now change the source files in the bootstrap/src and instructions/src folders as you see fit and re-run make to generate an HTML version.